Raw Milk


Last year, I met an Amish dairy farmer named Amos Stoltzfus (he goes by A.K.). The name of his farm is Oak Hill Dairy and it's located in Buckingham County. He asked me if I would be willing to use our farm as a pick up location for his herd share members and help him promote his farm to my customers and others in our area. 

I visited his farm to see his cows and how they are raised. When I arrived, he told me that his cows only ate grass & hay and that he doesn't give them any vaccines or unnatural supplements. I was happy to see his herd of Jersey cows happily grazing on grass. I also checked out his milking facilities and everything was clean and looked great. We tried the milk and it is absolutely delicious!...So creamy! Everything was great so I agreed to help him promote his dairy farm and use our farm as a pick up location. 

Mr. Stoltzfus offers a herd share program for his raw milk. In case you're not familiar with the herd share concept, consumers interested in obtaining raw milk can purchase a share of a dairy farm. (This is the only legal way to procure raw milk in VA.) When you purchase a share of a dairy farm and pay a monthly boarding fee, you are entitled to receive milk from that dairy on a weekly basis.

Raw milk offers a host of health benefits. Learn more HERE

Please reach out if you'd like more information and current pricing.